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Transformation: Because You Deserve Technology Designed for YOU

How often do you struggle with technology? A lot of small business owners and their staff end up looking at their IT like a necessary evil – some cursed system they have to put up with in order to get anything done.

You deserve better.

At Remote Technology, we want to transform your technology into something you’re happy and excited to use every day. IT should be something creating long-term value for your business!

That’s why our Transformation Service is about finding out what YOU want your technology to do for you, and then working together to make it happen. We’ll improve the technology you already have, find reliable new products that fit within your budget, and make sure you use systems that improve your productivity and efficiency every day.

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Step 1: Assessment

If we’re going to transform your technology into something that fits YOU, we better find out more about who you are, right? Step 1 is all about gathering information, and it starts with TALKING. Tell us who you are, what your goals are, and what you want your technology to do for you.

Then we’ll take a look at your existing technology, so we can get a sense of where you are. We’ll evaluate your workstations, servers, networks, and existing software, and we’ll interview your staff to get their perspective on how things are going. All of this ties into the primary service that we hang our hats on:

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) Service – Sounds pretty fancy, right? It’s actually simple: We become your chief advisor on all things technology. That means helping develop a realistic and effective IT budget, creating a long-term strategy for improving your technology and keeping it focused on your needs, and helping ensure you make the right investments in technology for your company.

Step 2: Roadmap

This is where we start determining how WE can help YOU. We’ll go over the assessment report with a fine-tooth comb, looking for vulnerabilities and potential areas of improvement, and crosscheck that with your wishlist. Then, we’ll present you with options. It’s your business, so it’s your choice!

This all comes with putting together a detailed budget and schedule for the transformation project, and it includes services such as:

Cloud Consulting – Lots of people talk about how great the cloud is. When’s the last time someone talked to you about how the cloud can work for YOU? We’ll discuss the power of the cloud and what options it presents for your business, including how it can affect where you access your information, working outside the office, and streamlining technical services to run out of a hosted environment. We want to ensure you get the right cloud services for your needs.

Security Consulting – Lots of small and mid-sized businesses think they don’t need to worry about IT security, but they’re actually the most likely targets of cybercriminals and the most likely to suffer from an unexpected disaster. We’ll look at your technology for weaknesses that can be exploited by hackers and also get a sense of your disaster preparedness, so we can ensure you get the right tools to keep your business safe from anything the future holds.

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Step One

Listen To What Our Clients Say:

Step Two
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Privacy is our policy. We may contact you from time to time with special offers but we will never sell or provide your information to anyone outside of our company.

Step 3: Implementation

This is the fun part. Now that we have our roadmap, we can actually start putting everything together! That means making sure your technology is at its best, whether that’s in cleaning up your existing computers, networks, and servers, or finding new products that fit your needs better. This can include services like:

Microsoft Office 365 – Taking the first steps into the cloud can be intimidating for a lot of businesses. Microsoft Office 365 is a great solution for leveraging the power of the cloud while keeping a familiar feel with tools you already know how to use. It’s all the applications and capabilities of the usual Office suite of programs, but with the extra features and mobile power of the cloud.

VoIP Business Phones – Traditional phone services are a thing of the past – too expensive, too clunky, and too rigid. VoIP phones offer a great alternative: they’re reliable, adaptable, flexible, and AFFORDABLE, and it’s easy to make the switch. They’re easily accessed outside the office at home or on a smartphone, and they offer business-class features and any number of extensions you could want.

And more

This is also where we’ll set up the services that will form the wing of our Guardian service, which is meant to keep everything we implement during Transformation at its best. It’s not a static process – we’re always around to make sure everything is meeting your needs. You’ll have an Implementation Manager assigned directly to you – a member of our team dedicated to being your primary point of contact throughout the Transformation service, so you always know who you can turn to.

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Privacy is our policy. We may contact you from time to time with special offers but we will never sell or provide your information to anyone outside of our company.


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